So, for whom was go-PARALLAX developed? Well, it wasn't. "Developed", that is.

It sort of "came into existence" by chance. As my colleague communication-trainers and I started using "prompts" to get trainees unstuck from their line of thought, I started collecting the prompts that worked best. Anyway, you can read about that story here.

When you ask us for whom we think go-PARALLAX is a must-have, we think it's business owners and entrepreneurs.

"I want more Eureka's!"

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You have probably experienced this.

You're standing under the shower, thinking of nothing in particular, and suddenly you have a stroke of genius. How does that happen? In that moment, you've let go of certain thoughts, you're in a different state of mind, and you recognize connections that you wouldn't normally see. In other words, your normal thinking has been interrupted and clarity has emerged. You achieved this all on your own.

Fortunately, you don't have to install a shower in your office, and if you already have one, you don't have to stand under it for every decision! go-PARALLAX has a similar effect to those brilliant moments under the shower. It disrupts your thinking pattern in a productive way, changes your perspective, helps you let go of things, and promotes the recognition of connections that you might not otherwise see. With go-PARALLAX, you can achieve this in a surprisingly simple way.

Scientific research has shown that 87,6% of people that take showers have had this experience more than once.