The Goals and Values of go-PARALLAX

We would like to see people take the time to think for themselves rather than relying entirely on Google or ChatGPT for answers. The problem is that when people ask these services the same type of question, they often get the same type of answers. Fortunately, every professional, every person has accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge and experience over the course of their lives that contains answers to numerous questions and solutions to various problems.

But why is this knowledge so underutilized?

To be able to use this knowledge, we need to have access to it. However, here lies the problem: Valuable knowledge and experience have been mixed with assumptions, stereotypes, emotions, and mistakes over the years. They are also influenced by "groupthink" and constrained by habits. Let's not underestimate the negative impact of social media and the internet in general!

You've probably experienced the following situation:

You're in the shower, thinking about nothing in particular, and suddenly you have a brilliant insight. How does that happen? In that moment, you've let go of certain thoughts, you're in a different state of mind, and you recognize connections that you wouldn't normally see. In other words, your regular thinking has been interrupted, and clarity has emerged. You achieved this all on your own.

Fortunately, you don't have to install a shower in your office, and if you already have one, you don't have to stand under it for every decision! That's why we're introducing go-PARALLAX now. go-PARALLAX has a similar effect to those brilliant moments in the shower. It disrupts your thought patterns in a productive way, changes your perspective, helps you let go of things, and encourages the recognition of connections that you might not otherwise see. With go-PARALLAX, you can achieve this in a surprisingly simple way.

All of this leads to more informed decisions and more effective solutions to problems. You can use go-PARALLAX for brainstorming or in any other way you prefer.

Rob van der Laak