Back then, I wasn't aware of it, but the adventure of go-PARALLAX began more than two decades ago. Let me take you along and experience the events of the past.

At that time, I was working for a company that sold products to distributors who were supposed to resell them to end-users. Initially, we were successful, but after about six months, our strategy failed: there were no repeat orders, only complaints from customers. We found that end-users found our products unusable!

In the midst of the chaos that this discovery caused, I was inspired by one of my musical idols, Brian Eno. He was a kind of philosopher who had developed a card system called Oblique Strategies to overcome creative blocks. Intrigued, I wondered if this approach could provide us with a breakthrough for our problems. And lo and behold, I had a flash of insight:

Train the sales teams of our distributors to effectively sell our products!

We decided to test this idea, and before I knew it, I embarked on a journey, giving presentations and conducting training sessions all around the world. The impact was remarkable and rejuvenated our product, propelling us to become the market leader.

Train, train, train – that became my mantra.

Days were spent flying, driving, staying in hotels, and taking taxis and trains. But at the end of each journey, there was an opportunity to conduct a training session and witness the impact on the participants. Let me tell you, this feeling was simply exhilarating.

After many years, my desire for less travel and a more intensive training experience grew stronger. Eventually, I parted ways with the company and continued my career as independent sales- and communication trainer. During subsequent training sessions, I noticed that many participants were stuck in their thinking

I knew that Miles Davis, once again a musical hero, had the habit of helping band members who got stuck in long improvisations with a few notes from his trumpet. This technique of deliberately interrupting thought patterns proved to be extremely effective in my training sessions. Participants developed new perspectives and freed themselves from mental obstacles. Observing their growth and transformation further fueled my passion. Now, it was time for me to grow as well.

The trainer trained

In my quest to further enhance my training skills, I joined a renowned training company. This time, I became a student, acquiring knowledge, undergoing intensive training, and benefiting from the collective wisdom of nearly a hundred fellow trainers. Nevertheless, I remained true to my own path - the path of freeing participants from their mental obstacles, in "the Miles Davis way."

Over time, I compiled a collection of these "deliberate interruptions," refined their effectiveness, and experimented with new approaches. This extensive collection has now evolved into a powerful product called go-PARALLAX. With over two decades of experience guiding individuals on the path to breakthroughs, go-PARALLAX is ready to stand by your side when you need it.

Rob van der Laak