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Strategic thinking actually means thinking two or more steps ahead. This requires a good overview of all available information. However, much of it is available to everyone – after all, Google knows everything. This reduces the value of information, of knowledge itself. It is now increasingly about what is done with information, with „knowledge“.
And here it becomes interesting, because if two people have identical information, there is a high probability that they will draw different conclusions from it.

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We all have our

very own view.

Why is that so?

It has to do with the fact that everyone has experienced, read, seen and heard different things in their lives. In this way, everyone creates their personal frame of reference. In itself, this is functional; a team, for example, can provide a variety of insights into the case it is looking at.


Groupthink is what can arise when people work together. Within the group, a certain direction of thought dominates and the group members can hardly deviate from it. Their differences of opinion are unconsciously subordinate to what the entire group experiences as right.
The overview of the available information may still be good, but the way Groupthink interprets it is suddenly quite limited. And that can have costly consequences.


go-PARALLAX is a simple method that can help overcome the negative aspects of Groupthink. It asks questions, raises opinions, gives tips and lifts veils. go-PARALLAX therefore offers new interpretations of the available information, which can lead to more innovation, more effective strategies and better problem solving.
go-PARALLAX offers perspective!


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